Hair Systems:
Technicians at The Raveen have been perfecting hair by hair reconstruction for a number of years, we focused on making the process for active individuals.

Hair by Hair Reconstruction:
some of the most profound advancements have taken place in the non-surgical sector. Due to the limitations of current drugs and surgery, a full, natural looking head of hair can be best achieved through this process. Commonly accepted, this process has been embraced by the entertainment and music industries and used extensively in the general population.

How is it done?

The finest human hair is selected to match your own hair with three very important characteristics involved: color, density and wave or curl. These qualities are crucial in the satisfaction of a client. Since every hair style is different and expectations vary from person to person, a consultation is key in determining what is needed to make your appearance the best it can be. Some client may just want to look like they did a few years ago while others may want an entirely different look than what they are accustomed to. The first step is take hair samples to match hair color and wave. Data is then compiled to establish what look the client desires. Also, hair density should be consistent with the age and demeanor of the client.

The new head of hair is then reconstructed by closely observing how hair actually grows from the scalp. Based on each client, individual notes are taken as to direction the hair is currently growing from eh scalp and how the client want to comb their hair. Then follicle by follicle, new head of hair is created by hand. Because of the intricate nature of making your new hair look like it's your own, each head of hair is created one follicle at a time.

A spiraling crown and a virtually undetectable frontal hairline is often created to assure a realistic outcome. Subsequently, most of the work is done when the client isn't there. The hair is quality checked and prepared in advance so on the day of application, in most instances, the process can be completed in 90 minutes.
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